Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hey! Look! Much better pictures!

Thanks to Bob Fredric and Mister 007 for the photos. : ]


This one looks very cool...not sure what to think about the back though.

Not bad. A little Johnny Thunder - ish. Except Johnny Thunder was based off of Indiana Jones :p

Cheap, good, generic $7.99 set. I dunno. Nothing special, although it looks like some nice new-color motorcycles.

The biggest, and probably best or second best of the series. But what is up with that biplane?


Thanks to Vidgamer838 and
Bob Fredric for these photos.
This thing is...butt ugly. Pretty much. However, the Rebel minifigs are to die for. Honestly this is a lot better than the Clone or Droid battle, exclusive minifigs, plus a mediocre vehicle. I don't consider the older battlepacks' extras as vehicles.

Speaking of bad...this is clearly the worst set in the lineup. Wow. Remember that set we speculated was an imperial dropship, but was just Larry Lars with an amazing immitation? Well, it blows this out of the water. Obviously. No contest. This is the worst I've seen Lego's really just sad. I hope this one isn't official, or it comes with some armor that falls of that they didn't show, any kind of excuse....

A bit farther down the line of goodness (it will continue, don't let that last one dissapoint you), we have Anakin's Starfighter. isn't as bad as the above. But Lego did much better when the released Obi-Wan's Delta 7 in 2002. It's been 5 years, and clearly things have gone down.
However, there's a new part - that 4x4 circular piece near the front. Not a total loss.

I really...really, really like this. It's absolutely the Geonosian Starfighter set except more kid-oriented, plenty of figures, and it's practically a battlepack. A whole bunch of these would make a sick army.

Which brings us to our next set. Wow...I have to say, this looks close to some fan AT-AP models. Lego did a very nice job here. 2 minifigs is enough. This looks like one to buy.

Finally, we have this lopsided beast. It's the spawn of Lego's fairly new contract with Lucasarts to use stuff not in movies. This particular one is from the "Force Unleashed" video game. It has 3 figures - see below.

The battle-damaged Darth Vader is really, really, a ripoff of fellow FOL minifig MOCs with the Aquaraiders visor upsidedown. Pathetic, Lego. However, the minifigs themselves (besides Juno's face) look pretty nice. No chrome hilts in this one.

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