Friday, September 7, 2007

New Star Wars Dropship planned for 2008

As one of the more avid Star Wars fans in the Lego Space universe, my role in the community has been destined to simply notifying the community about new sets. For all eternity. When I first saw this I really wasn't sure it was fact it looked too good to be a set, to be honest. It feels more Space than Star Wars, but I ventured over to, and waddya know - there's a big topic all about it. I haven't checked but the chances are good that even if this is some leaked info (which I doubt) this set is coming sometime in the near future.

Thanks to Hugobax of Brickshelf for the picture (probably not the first to get it, but that's where I found it).

Apparently this might be a fake. And I certainly does look higher than TLC standards. Let's just hope.


Okay, this thing is downright hawt. Ever since I got the big $19.99 Lego book when I was a wee chil' (:p) I loved looking at the boats. Jindroush did not make this but is providing pictures. The planning of the hull is something that only one of the best builders could pull of. Each brick is planned ahead of time in layers....the complexity of these boats is mind-blowing. Not to mention this one has an interior and a stern that opens up to show it as well. Not only is it one of the best-shaped boats I've ever seen, but it also has a nice boat standards at least. Wow. I can't stop staring at it.

Porchecm2 whipps out a nifty little saucer. The way the top is constructed just makes you cry. piece after creates an awesome effect on the eyes and can be considered completely "kosher" because none of the pieces are bending or breaking...we hope. Very cool MOC. If only it could have some more slope downwards...but that's pretty impossible. We'll save that for tomorrow.

And finally, Matt H uploads pictures of a train. Big whoop.



Don Solo said...

I still think it's a fake, and we'll find out soon enough...

otto said...

OMFG this is gonna be a good blog thank you dale

Unit 186 said... Don was right. It is not real.

ampretty said...

make it looking forward for it..

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